INSTANT MBA: Sincerity Is Vital To A Company

Rajat Taneja

Today’s advice comes from Rajat Taneja, executive vice president and CTO of Electronic Arts, via LinkedIn:

“If there is a single attribute that can determine job satisfaction and our contributions to our customers, it is the importance of always being sincere. Sincerity is vital to our consumers, to our company and most importantly, to one’s self and one’s values.”

Taneja says that being sincere is more than being honest with your team, but that it also means being honest with clients about the work produced. Setting high expectations also drives sincerity, as Taneja says it motivates teams to be more hardworking, a cornerstone of sincerity. 

“When you create a product or a service, you want to offer your customer something that has been crafted with care, consideration and with authenticity. In your career you may be faced with opportunities to cut corners, but in the end sincerity is what will propel you forward.”

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