Since 1999 Goldman Partners Have Sold More Than $20 Billion In Goldman Shares

goldman sachs blankfein cohn viniar

Goldman’s 860 current and former partners have sold more than $20 billion in Goldman shares since the bank went public in 1999, according to Dealbook.

Current partners presently hold more than $10 billion in the bank’s stock.

According to a study of hundreds of regulatory documents by the New York Times and Morningstar, since the bank’s IPO the average amount of stock that partner’s have sold is $24 million.

And apparently that’s a conservative estimate because the filings that were studied don’t include every sale by a Goldman partner, or shares sold as part of the IPO.

So how much stock has CEO Lloyd Blankfein and his deputies sold over the past 12 years?

  • Blankfein has cashed in $93.8 million in shares since 1999. The Goldman chief currently owns 2.03 million shares worth about $355 million.
  • COO Gary Cohn has sold $97 million in shares since 1999.
  • CFO David Viniar has sold $99.9 million in shares since 1999.

The study also revealed for the first time that current and former partners number 860; currently there are 475.

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