Sin Cara Screwed On WWE Fan Voting

If you were like me wondering why in the world anyone would prefer to see Mason Ryan vs. Evan Bourne over Bourne vs. Sin Cara on RAW Monday night, well at least we got an explanation. Sin Cara was screwed!

The WWE website has an article up on their website documenting technical issues with text voting during Monday’s Power to the People RAW. Fans were allowed to vote on matches via text throughout the RAW show, choosing from three options. This seemed like a good idea in theory, although the credibility of the voting came into question when it came to deciding the second match of the night.

The second poll of the night asked fans to choose Evan Bourne’s opponent. Fans were asked to choose between Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, and Sin Cara. The obvious choice here was Sin Cara. However, Mason Ryan wound up getting the votes. Here is how Camel Clutch Blog writer Justin Henry described it in his ongoing 6/20 RAW blog posted last night on the website.

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