15 Photos From The Upcoming 'Simpsons'-'Family Guy' Crossover

The simpsons family guy crossover episodeFox‘The Simpsons’/’Family Guy’ crossover episode will air on Fox Sept. 28 at 9 p.m.

At the end of September, two of TV’s biggest animated cartoons, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” will unite in an epic crossover episode.

A road trip gone awry will send the Griffins to Springfield in the one-hour 12th season premiere of “Family Guy.”

The episode, which has been in the works for two years according to Entertainment Weekly, will show the Quahog family interacting not only with the Simpsons’ family but also engaging with plenty of Springfield’s locals.

The big crossover episode will air Sept. 28 on Fox at 9 p.m.

Fox released a bunch of new photos previewing the upcoming episode entitled “The Simpsons Guy,” and it looks like one you won’t want to miss.

“The Simpsons Guy” will feature each character as they interact with their counterpart when the Griffin family from “Family Guy” accidentally end up in Springfield.

Lisa will invite Meg to try out her saxophone.

Talking dog Brian from “Family Guy” will see what a real dog’s life is actually like.

Expect shows to swap character gags as Chris is seen here sucking on an identical Binky to Maggie’s.

Stewie won’t only learn how to skateboard, but will also dress up as a mini Bart. Hopefully, we get a “cowabunga.”

Naturally, Homer and Peter will team up.

They will head to the local tavern.

And, of course, will swap some doughnuts.

They will also team up to … wash cars?

Don’t expect this budding relationship to be perfect bliss. The two are supposed to engage in an epic brawl reminiscent of Peter’s popular chicken fight from “Family Guy.”

According to Fox, this will lead to the two getting into “all sorts of trouble.”

It looks like a blast.

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