Check Out SimpleGeo's Slick Loft HQ, Where There's One Dog For Every Five Employees! (PHOTO TOUR)

SimpleGeo office tour

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

If you love dogs, have we got the office for you!Software startup SimpleGeo, based in San Francisco, had five of them in the office when we visited this month.

With 23 employees, that’s about one furry pal for every five coworkers.

Fortunately, they have the space: The company’s airy loft HQ is big enough for the critters to run around.

Just watch where you’re walking — you might accidentally step on someone!

SimpleGeo is at the end of an alley in San Francisco's SOMISSPO neighbourhood -- where SoMa, the Mission, and Potrero Hill come together

Check in here!

We walk in, and we're greeted by a furry friend, Bodie. This will become a pattern!

The two-story office is big and airy, filled with natural light. humour site Ebaumsworld used to be located here.

Conference room

Finance guy Jim Heinzen isn't around, so we're checking out his toy collection

Couches and big TV, where some SimpleGeo stats are streaming

This is a real-time visualisation of SimpleGeo API calls -- in other words, where people are using SimpleGeo-equipped apps

Obligatory kitchen shot (nice!)

Kegerator complete with beer that's home-brewed by SimpleGeo co-founder Matt Galligan


Meeting of the minds: That's Matt Galligan on the left, product VP Jeffrey Kalmikoff in the middle, and co-founder Joe Stump in yellow on the right

Stump used to work at Digg with SimpleGeo CEO Jay Adelson. He and Galligan tried to start a mobile gaming company, but realised the geo tools they needed could be a better business. SimpleGeo was born.

Galligan previously founded a company called Socialthing, and worked at AOL. He is one of the lucky few with a two-letter Twitter handle, @mg.

Kalmikoff previously worked at Threadless, the awesome online t-shirt shop, and at Digg

Hey, someone's running down the stairs!

That's Fletcher, one of five dogs at the office on the day we visited

Let's see what's outside

Out back, there's a garage door, great for summer BBQs or motorcycle races

This is where Jay Adelson parks his Tesla

OK, let's head inside and upstairs. We're greeted by Oliver!

It's a dog's life at SimpleGeo

Upstairs, there's lots of air and natural light

And always a few furry friends running around

Here's Bodie again

Everyone has a convertible stand-up desk at SimpleGeo, and during our visit, many engineers switched from sitting to standing and vice-versa

Netscape Navigator box!

Derek Smith, ops

Typical scene at SimpleGeo

Engineer Kim Vogt wins the laptop sticker award

Developer Wade Simmons has mastered the smiling-while-typing pose

SimpleGeo devs

Busted! Someone is playing Google's awesome guitar doodle

Developer Casey Crites has made a friend

Matt Galligan

Every startup needs a disco ball


Bizdev VP Rob Bailey

Jeffrey Kalmikoff's bobble head collection (and rare Japanese toys)

Productivity boosting door sign

Another visualisation of SimpleGeo data, this one's showing who's visiting the company's website

Joe + Stump = Joe Stump

Heading downstairs, a view of the ping pong table

And one more look at the kitchen and couch area. That's all, folks!

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