When You Wake Up Hungover At SXSW, This Startup and Its Lifeguards Will Nurse You Back To Health

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Vital info for anyone headed to SXSW in a few weeks:

Simplee and UT Austin pre-med students are teaming up to get rid of hangovers at South by Southwest.

Simplee is a Palo Alto-based startup that helps people save money on medical expenses. It connects users to insurance companies and categorizes every fee.

To squash the hangovers, 100 Simplee staff and pre-med students will be running around in red lifeguard t-shirts (see below). They will distribute free food, water, medicine and energy drinks from sponsors including LARABAR, I AM Healthy, SunRay Waters, Body armour, Zico, BumbleBar, Two Degrees, That’s It, Raw Revolution, and Kate’s Real Food.

If you’re too sick to go out and hunt for help, you can tweet at the Simplee team by using the hashtag #sxswhelp or pinging @Simpleehealth.

Simplee will have enough products to cure 5,000 hangovers.

simplee red lifeguard shirt

[credit provider=”Simplee” url=”https://simplee.com/”]