Simon's Tough Love For Susan Boyle: 'Get Yourself Together, Sweetheart'

Simon Cowell has got a warning for Susan Boyle: all the accolades, the middle-aged tears and homespun appeal doesn’t mean she’ll win Britain’s Got Talent.

The cranky reality TV icon said in an interview Friday that Boyle’s popularity may have become a distraction that could hurt her in the U.K.’s talent show.

According to Reuters, Cowell said:

“She has got four weeks to prepare for the biggest night of her life, and she has got to sing better than she sang before with all those expectations on her. But it could all go horribly wrong for her because there are so many other distractions,” Cowell told TV reporters in Los Angeles.

“Get yourself together sweetheart for the big one — the semi-final. Shut the door, choose the right song and come back as who you are, not who you want to be,” he said.

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