Simone Biles showed why she is so great with a near-perfect vault at the Olympic Trials

In sports, it’s next-to-impossible to achieve¬†perfection, but American gymnast Simone Biles looks to be right on the precipice of doing so.

Biles hasn’t gone to the Olympics yet (she was just 15 when the Summer Olympics were last held in London), but¬†on Sunday she was named to the 2016 Olympic team with a dominating performance at the Olympic trials.

Among her achievements, Biles is a three-time world floor champion (2013-2015), a four-time USA national all-around champion (2013-2016), and a three-time world all-around champion (2013-2015). In other words, she has dominated the sport for the last three years to the point where no one has been able to hold a candle to her since the last Olympics.

Case in point, she’s so good that she can be nearly perfect in vault, an event that isn’t necessarily her strongest. Just prior to the vault, one of the announcers recalled seeing it in practice and referred to it as “the most perfect piece of gymnastics” he had ever seen.

That little jump at the end cost Biles a tenth of a point, only thing that kept her from posting a perfect score, but it was still incredible.

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