A bored Simone Biles got fans to share secrets with her on Instagram, and gave advice on everything from dating to a hidden $70,000 inheritance

Simone Biles smiles during warm ups prior to the Women's competition of the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials at America’s Center on June 27, 2021 in St Louis, Missouri.
Simone Biles. Getty/Carmen Mandato
  • Simone Biles asked her fans to entertain her on Instagram while in quarantine before the Olympics.
  • “Tell me a secret – I’m bored,” she wrote in a story.
  • Fans told her about everything from their dating lives to secret pregnancies.
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The United States gymnastics team had, until Monday, been unable to go anywhere except their hotel and practice sessions since arriving in Tokyo on Thursday ahead of the Olympic Games.

So to pass the time, Simone Biles decided to get her fans to entertain her by sharing their juiciest secrets about everything from dating to pregnancy.

“Tell me a secret – I’m bored,” she wrote in an Instagram story, according to Reuters. Her 4.4 million followers responded.

“I have one of my closest friends muted on Instagram cause she posts the dumbest things,” wrote one fan. Biles replied: “Me too. Sometimes it’s needed.”

Others said they had received a secret inheritance, were buying surprise presents for their mothers, and described how they had skipped school.

One even told Biles about stealing her boyfriend’s roomate.

Simone Biles asks fans to share secrets
Simone Biles asked fans to share secrets with her in an Instagram story. Screenshots/Instagram

One person even told Biles that they were pregnant, to which they responded: “Congrats!”

While most of the responses to Biles’ story were seemingly light-hearted, others were more serious.

“I still haven’t told my dad I’m gay even though everyone else in my family knows,” said one person.

Biles replied saying: “Tell him, be free, be yourself. I support you.”

She added: “For anyone else struggling with telling family or friends, just know I will always welcome you with open arms on my page and platforms.”

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On Monday, a member of the USA gymnastics team tested positive for COVID-19, leading to fears that Biles would have to go into isolation.

However, while the unnamed infected athlete and one other gymnast have since moved into a COVID-quarantine hotel, Biles and the rest of the team have now set up shop in the Olympic village.

The four-time Olympic gold medalist posted photos of her and her teammates outside the gates on Instagram.