Simone Biles' Brazilian 'boyfriend' has a message for Zac Efron

Simone biles brazilian boyfriendTwitter/Simone BilesSimone Biles and Arthur Nory Mariano hugging in Rio.

Simone Biles is officially the most popular champion of the Summer 2016 Rio Olympics. Her time in Brazil kicked off with a gold medal win, and Biles quickly drew the attention of fans around the world. She even became known for her new “boyfriend” named Arthur Nory Mariano — a fellow gymnast who is really just a good friend. 

But while Biles was posting about Mariano and their affectionate friendship, she was also doing a lot of Twitter flirting with her celebrity crush: Zac Efron.

Efron wound up travelling to Rio for a “Today Show” appearance, where he met Biles and the two shared a cheek kiss on Snapchat. The world basically exploded from how cute the pair were together. 

Now Biles’ original social media beau, Mariano, is teasing Biles and Efron. He posted a picture of him and Biles in Rio with the caption [sic]: “Hey [Zac Efron] I saw her first… She is my girl ❤️ ???? ???????? Proud of you Simone! You are phenomal in whole world and special. You made history. Love u.”

Mariano is clearly poking fun at both his friendship with Biles and the playful meet-and-greet between her and Efron. Biles saw the post from Mariano and retweeted it, continuing the love fest.

Though Efron has yet to publicly reply, we’re sure the two can agree on one thing: Simone Biles is the greatest.

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