Harley Davidson tattoos exemplify a major branding concept. TED Talk regular Simon Sinek explains how.

Image: Simon Sinek
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  • Simon Sinek is an American author, TED Talk motivational speaker, and RAND Corporation member, and has shared his ideas with the United States government.
  • He has dedicated his career to exploring how leaders make an impact on the world and how we can apply their patterns of thinking to our own lives.
  • In a world first, business leaders can attend his highly interactive two-part live virtual event this November. Attendees will gain access to Simon for 5-hours of game-changing insights on the future of leadership and we’ve secured a special $200 discount for our readers.

    For those with a keen interest in business and self-development, the name Simon Sinek is likely one you’ve already heard. The best-selling author of “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last” has been instrumental in understanding how leaders operate and what can be learned from their habits and practices.

    Sinek is renowned for his critical, original way of thinking when it comes to business (which is why he’s No. 3 on the most popular TED Talks of all time). His TED Talk on ‘Why Great Leaders Inspire Action’ has been viewed over 52 million times.

    Image: Supplied/Penguin

    The question he asks most frequently is ‘why?’ In his book “Start With Why”, Sinek analyses how a logo can become a symbol. Sinek argues that for anything to hold a significant amount of meaning (like a logo), there needs to be a ‘why’ behind it. Only then, he says, will people feel motivated and able to use that symbol as a way of expressing who they are. This cannot be done without getting clear on the ‘why,’ it all circles back to this core concept.

    Sinek goes on to use one well-known brand to exemplify his point: Harley Davidson. The logo of this particular brand is instantly recognisable whether you’re a motorbike enthusiast or not. It’s known around the world and has been printed on everything from mugs to leather jackets.

    Some people however, have taken their enthusiasm one step further and had the Harley Davidson logo tattooed on their bodies. Why would somebody want to do this? For Sinek, the answer is simple – because it means something to them. This logo has evolved from a recognisable image to a meaningful symbol. At its core, it’s representative of the Harley Davidson ethos – the pursuit of adventure, a sense of individuality and freedom for the soul. They’ve clearly defined their ‘why’, and in turn people now use their logo as a medium of self-expression. As Sinek wrote himself, “People don’t buy “what” you do, they buy “why” you do it.”

    If these types of conversations and critical thinking are of interest to you, Sinek’s upcoming event will certainly grab your attention. The motivational speaker is taking his world-class expertise and insights global, with his two-part live virtual event titled ‘The Infinite Game’. Based on his newly released book of the same title, Sinek’s belief is that leaders make decisions with a finite mentality. He hopes to transform the way leaders think with his innovative, five-step framework that teaches people how to lead with impact.

    “The ability to adopt an infinite mindset is a prerequisite for leaders who aspire to leave their organisation in better shape than they found it” he said.

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    Spanning two days, the event will be highly interactive and engaging, giving guests the unique opportunity to learn from the best in real-time. The Australian event starts on the 17th November and tickets are already on sale. Everyone from CEOs and entrepreneurs to innovators and trailblazers are encouraged to attend. Sinek will be presenting live from The Growth Faculty’s bespoke virtual event venue.

    In part one of the global event, Sinek will share his playbook for becoming an infinite-minded leader. He’ll share his framework and tools and apply them to the current business climate, with attendees gaining critical insight into leading in a modern world. Guests will learn how to adapt to volatile environments, develop a strong business culture remotely and use adversity to optimise your business – all topics which are extremely timely.

    Part two will see Sinek lead an interactive discussion on leadership, culture and innovation in an ever-changing world. Attendees are able to submit questions in advance if there’s a particular topic they’d like to hear his insight on.

    The Infinite Game promises to be an unmissable event for anyone looking to lead differently.

    Purchase tickets to Simon Sinek’s live virtual event here.

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