The Guy Who Designed Twitter’s Logo Only Made About $3

original twitter logo by simon oxley
Oxley’s original drawing of the Twitter bird

Simon Oxley is hardly a household name, but his drawing of a bird in a tree was used as Twitter’s first logo, reports PandoDaily.

He designed it for iStockPhoto, a subscription-based site that offers thousands of pictures for customers to use in designs and other projects.

When the Twitter founders were browsing the site in search of a company logo, their decision to use Oxley’s bird earned him three or four dollars, but it made him somewhat famous in the graphic design world.

Oxley’s new weird version of fame didn’t go to his head however – Oxley’s friend Reuben Miller said, “He never made a big deal out if it, in his usual shrug-it-off, down to earth way. That made me even more impressed, because there is nothing more refreshing than celebrity or talent that doesn’t put on airs.”