Another One: Australian Teenager In A Coma After "Planking" On A Fast Moving Car

simon hallam


Another Australian man has become the latest victim of planking.Simon Hallam was “attempting to “plank” on the boot of a sedan… when he fell heavily from [the] fast-moving car,” the Herald Sun reports.

The 19-year-old driving the car will now face charges.

Hallam’s in an induced coma in intensive care and doctors don’t know if he’ll ever recover, a local news broadcaster, Channel 9, reported.

This is the second time in a week that “planking” has gone dangerously wrong in Australia.

On Sunday, a 20-year-old man died after he attempted to plank on the balcony railing on the seventh story of a building, and fell off.

According to the Herald Sun witnesses to Hallam’s accident confirmed he was attempting the stunt:

“We have spoken today with witnesses who have reported the young man was in fact ‘planking’, or similar too it,” a police spokesman said yesterday.

“They have told us it’s just day-by-day, that’s all we know,” distraught father, Terry Hallam, said.

Hallam’s father is placing blame on Facebook for encouraging the fad.

The problem has become so bad down under that a state ambulance service issued a warning about planking, after a noticeable spike in injuries connected to the stunt, according to Channel 9.

Meanwhile, Aussie teachers disturbed by the trend have attempted to launch a safer, more “positive” version of planking: “Teapotting.”

There’s already a photo floating around of someone “teapotting” on a horse’s back.

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