Chilling Footage Shows How A Man Looks Moments After Allegedly Committing Murder

During the murder trial of Simon Gittany in Sydney, Australia this week, the court saw surveillance footage that shows moments after Gittany allegedly threw his fiancee off the balcony of the couple’s 15-story apartment.

The chilling video shows Gittany panicking in an elevator as he descends to the lobby of the apartment building to find Lisa Harnum’s body.

Footage from outside the couple’s apartment appears to show Gittany grabbing Harnum and dragging her back inside the apartment when she tries to walk out the front door, Sky News reports.

Gittany pleaded not guilty to murdering Harnum.

The couple had reportedly been arguing in the days leading up to Harnum’s death, and she was planning on leaving him, according to

After Harnum fell to her death, Gittany reportedly told a police officer: “I hope the cameras were working.” The cameras inside their apartment, however, were not working and there is no video footage of the minute that passed between Harnum being dragged into the apartment and her fatal fall.

Gittany claims that she stepped over the balcony’s railing and lost her footing.

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