New "Sports Bar" Trend In The Making?

Sure, our own Peter Kafka got out of the house to watch some football last night, and learned that many others were doing the same thing, but so what? He’s just a media/tech writer. Can we really trust him to tell us how the average fan is responding to the NFL vs. big cable  stalemate?

Better to check in with Bill Simmons’s super fan/writer. What did he do last night? Well, it turns out that  he watched the game in a NYC bar as well (don’t be thrown off by the fact that he’s writing in second person):

You happened to be working in New York City that day; once you discovered that your hotel room didn’t offer the NFL Network, you got off your arse, met up with some friends and watched the game in a crowded sports bar that was screaming on every big play. Ironically, it turned out to be a more entertaining night than just sitting at home (or in this case, a hotel room) and watching the NFL Network.

First Peter Kafka, now Bill Simmons. One more example of this shocking phenomenon and we can officially declare this “watching sports in bars” thing a trend.

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