9 Sportswriters Who Hated On Bill Simmons For Interviewing President Obama

bill simmons interviewing barack obama

Photo: Grantland via YouTube

Bill Simmons interviewed Barack Obama on his podcast today. And the Internet freaked out about it.Sportswriters, bloggers, and fans took to Twitter to rag on Simmons with the hashtag #SportsguyObamaCast.

As with all hashtag memes, some of the tweets were pretty hilarious while others were lame as hell. Most focused on the Simmons-isms and crackpot theories that writers always criticise Simmons for leaning on.

Were the tweets too petty? Envious? Weak?

Or did the digs hit the spot?

'Mobutu Sese Seko,' GQ and Gawker


Drew Magary, Deadspin

Awful Announcing

Jason Concepcion, SBNation and The Tape

Bethlehem Shoals, The Classical and Bleacher Report

David Roth, freelancer for The Classical, WSJ, and The Awl, among others

Max Linsky, Longform.org

Stephen Douglas, Big Lead Sports

NOT A HATER: Spencer Hall, Everyday Should Be Saturday

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