Silvio Berlusconi Might Write A Book About All The Women He's Slept With

Silvio Berlusconi

Photo: AP

Silvio Berlusconi has dropped hints that he may write a book about all the women he’s slept with, reports The Telegraph.Reportedly, during a recent dinner, the Italian Prime Minister was responding to questions about AC Milan striker¬†Antonio Cassano’s claim to have slept with 600 women.

“Hats off to him!” said Berlusconi, before turning to the obvious question. “Do you want to know if I have had more women?”

Unfortunately. he refused to reveal the number, “Well, if you do, I’m not going to tell you. I will write about my encounters in a diary like Mussolini did.”

Mussolini’s diaries of his sexual conquests were remarkable (not least because he was less than 5 foot tall and had notoriously bad hygiene). He is reported to have kept 14 lovers at a time.

Could Berlusconi’s diaries be even more salacious the one of the 20th century’s greatest tyrants? He’s certainly trying his best >

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