There's No Limit To What Fiverr Users Will Do For 5 Bucks

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Some people will do anything for a buck. And if it’s five dollars and they’re posting on Fiverr, the popular online marketplace, chances are they’ll do something bizarre. 

We sifted through 500,000+ advertised gigs to pick 12 of our favourites. Here they are, edited for clarity. 

Juggle fire and recite a message

'People have always been fascinated with fire. Now you too have the chance to harness that power for your business or message!

I will juggle fire torches while saying anything you'd like (under 25 words, please), and send you the video in HD.'

Source: millhopper on fiverr

Pretend to be someone's girlfriend on Facebook

'I will add you on Facebook and set you as my boyfriend for 10 days. I will comment on photos of yours if you'd like or write romantic things to you on your long as it's not graphic.

I'd even change the city/state I live in on FB so that it looks more real. You can choose any photos I have currently up in albums for me to display as my profile picture during this time as well.'

Source: Originalcyn on fiverr

'I will hula hoop and sing a personalised birthday song! If you don't want me to say a specific name, I can fill it in with 'you sexy beast,' or something silly like that.

I can also replace the singing with the kazoo!

If you would like this for an anniversary, or any other event just ask and I'm sure we could figure something out!'

Source: foxi_moxie on fiverr

Knock someone up

'Ready & wanting to be a mother? Or want to support your special lady, and you two have been having trouble getting pregnant?

I'm an international healer, with a special touch for love and babies. There are couples who'd tried for a ~long~ time, and I helped them finally conceive their child.

Remotely, from my home in CA, I will give my special attention to you and your desire. No specific results are promised; however, good things always come. ❤'

Source: nogalicious on fiverr

Dance in a frog costume to your favourite jam

'Love, songs? Love frogs? Love dancing? Love,frogs in suits? Love frogs dancing in suits on beds? This is the gig for you!

Will record myself dancing to an entire song at 720p at 30fps, and send you unedited, amazing raw footage.'

Source: matographer on fiverr

Draw a message on their face or belly

'I will write and draw almost everything (except offensive stuff) on my face or my belly (choose one or the other).

Include your website, company name, messages and so on. Just be creative!'

Source: chicakak on fiverr

Search for beach fossils

'I will find you at least five fossilized sharks teeth from a beach in Florida for $5.

I live in Florida and love to find sharks teeth. It usually takes me about an hour or so to find this many ...

I will also include an identification chart and pictures of the location where the teeth were found.'

Source: samrapoza on fiverr

Deliver a video message dressed as a nun

'Let Sister Mary-Beth deliver your message for you. She will say anything you want, so don't hold back.

You MUST provide her with your script of 100-150 words, around one minute or purchase the script writing gig extra ...

What are you waiting for? Let a sister help ya out!'

Source: haleylujah on fiverr

Bust a move with a pug on Skype

'I will dance with my pug to a song. She's really cute.

I am a 15-year-old boy. so this is a must-see. A 15-year-old dancing with a pug to the song of your choice for two minutes.'

Source: shiftit on fiverr

Record a Beavis and Butthead voiceover

'I will perform a voiceover of the characters 'Beavis and Butthead' and send it to you in either an audio file or a phone call.

I will not use profanity to minors, no exceptions. I will allow one revision at no cost to you.'

Source: esalaah on fiverr

Procure sheep's wool for whatever your heart desires

'(I'll send) raw wool sheared from my sheep.

It has millions of uses: doll hair, crafts, spinning--rub it on your arms and face before a date to let her know that you 'just came from the farm!' It contains lanolin.'

Source: raluralet on fiverr

Turn someone into a zombie

'I will turn you into a zombie! Send me a large, good quality picture of yourself & I will turn do this digitally ...

I can tone down the gore (blood, cuts) or remove it completely, just let me know! You should receive your completed image in 24 hours.'

Source: relaxabe on fiverr

Stop doing stupid things with your money ...

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