Weird Name, Amazing Watch: The New Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso "Email"

Photo: The Prodigal Guide

Yes, you read that right, the latest model to join Jaeger-LeCoultre’s illustrious Reverso line has been christened the “Email.”What next? The Reverso Twitter? The Reverso DHL?

Yeah yeah, we know, email is French for enamel. And that’s apt because this very handsome Reverso comes with a gloriously bright blue enamel dial. But—seriously guys—in a global market where English is the common denominator, who thought this was a sensible name for a watch?

Anyway, let’s put our cheap jibes about the name to one side for a minute and look at this thing. Any Reverso is instantly recognisable and instantly a classic. The guys and girls in Le Sentier know it, and they’re not about to stray too far from the honey pot.

The Email retains the classic (“golden ratio”) lines that Reversos have enjoyed since the 1930s but presented in a large, more modern size. With its arabic numerals and bright blue dial, it’s more playful than the ultra-restrained and sophisticated 1931 Tribute but, to our eyes, it’s still absolutely beautiful.

Incidentally, if you’d like to hear more about the importance of the Reverso, its design and what makes it so pleasing, check out our Talking Hands video review of the Grande Reservo.

Inside the gorgeous body of the Email, you’ll find Jaeger-LeCoultre’s mechanically-wound and well-regarded Calibre 822 movement.

Oh, and just one last thing: The Reverso Email is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. We can’t help wondering why so few? Problems with JLC’s spam filter perhaps? Sorry, we couldn’t resist…

This post originally appeared at The Prodigal Guide.

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