How To Buy Any Illegal Drug You Want On The Secret Internet For Criminals

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A website called the Silk Road appears to enable you to buy drugs as easily as you would buy an item on eBay.(We didn’t actually complete a purchase.)

We’ve previously reported on the Tor network, an anonymous collection of sites that exist in semi-secrecy, outside of the scope of Google, Facebook, and even conventional web browsers.

This network is designed in such a way that all your activity on it is kept completely anonymous and untraceable.

When you pair this with Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency that can be converted into real money, it opens a Pandora’s box of sorts. eCommerce companies on Tor purport to allow people to buy a wide variety of drugs and even hire assassins.

Using a Tor browser, you can access Silk Road at http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion – but first you need to either create an account or log in.

Then you're greeted by the main homepage. Let's browse the psychedelics.

With one Bitcoin currently worth $47.15, we can buy 10 hits of LSD for $74.50.

Clicking on the item brings up a more detailed description. If we want to make sure it's a trustworthy seller, we can click on the username and read her history.

She's ranked in the top 1% of all sellers, so it seems pretty legit (at least for a drug dealer).

Here's the shopping cart view. It functions exactly as it would on any other e-commerce site.

This meth pipe is just $13.67. Let's add it to our cart as well.

Even though these items come from different sellers, the checkout process is consolidated.

Give Silk Road your Bitcoin address so it knows where your money lives.

Our total comes to $88.17. All that's left to do is use PGP encryption to hide our mailing address and paste it here.

Then you wait for this guy to show up.

Want to see what else you can get on the Tor network?

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