Alleged Founder Of Silk Road Accused Of Trying To Take A Hit Out On A User On The Site

Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of online drug marketplace Silk Road, is being accused of trying to take a hit out on one of the site’s users, according to a new criminal complaint.

Ulbricht allegedly offered 1,670 bitcoins (worth $US150,000) for the job.

Ulbricht, 29, also known as “Dread Pirate Roberts,” was arrested Wednesday when authorities seized 26,000 bitcoins worth roughly $US3.2 million. Here’s the first part about his alleged attempted hit:

A Silk Road user called “FriendlyChemist” began sending Ulbricht the threatening messages in March of this year, according to the complaint.

“Friendly Chemist” told DPR he’d publish the names and addresses of Silk Road customers unless he gave him $US500,000, according to authorities.

Here’s one of the threatening messages:

DPR then contacted another user called “redandwhite,” saying he’d like a “bounty” on “FriendlyChemist’s” head, the complaint said.

They allegedly agreed on a price of 1,670 Bitcoins. Redandwhite then wrote DPR back and said, “I received the payment … We know where he is. He’ll be grabbed tonight. I’ll update you.”

Here was that update from “redandwhite”: “Your problem has been taken care of … Rest easy though, because he won’t be blackmailing anyone again. Ever.”

There’s not a record of DPR actually killing anybody, according to the complaint. But the FBI’s complaint said the exchanges demonstrate “DPR’s intention to solicit a murder-for-hire” with Bitcoin.

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