The Man Allegedly Behind The Silk Road Drug Site Is Also Accused Of Plotting Six Murders

Ross Ulbricht is the 29-year-old man arrested last month for allegedly running Silk Road, a website that sold everything from illegal drugs to guns.

Last week, he was denied bail when the prosecutors presented evidence that he was flight risk, reports security blogger Brian Krebs.

But the true surprise is that the government also accused the alleged Silk Road mastermind, known by the alias Dread Pirate Roberts, of hiring a hitman to kill six people. He had previously been accused of plotting to kill two people.

The government says that Dread Pirate Roberts hired someone named “redandwhite” to do the dirty work and paid redandwhite” about a half million dollars in Bitcoins.

But the Dread Pirate may have gotten scammed. Despite receiving “visual confirmation” of the murders as part of transaction, the government couldn’t confirm that any of them had actually taken place, Krebs reported.

Meanwhile, Ulbricht’s friends and family insist that he’s innocent and that the government arrested the wrong man. This week they offered the judge $US1 million in bail if the judge will change that decision and release him, reports Forbes Andy Greenberg.

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