Step Inside The Brutal Silicon Valley Fight Club

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Photo: California is a place

The Silicon Valley “Gentlemen’s Fight Club” has been meeting once every two weeks for more than 11 years.Gints Klimanis, the mastermind behind the invitation-only gathering, told filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari: “In Silicon Valley, we have the highest concentration of aggressive people in the United States. And it’s a place where all life has been reduced to working in a cubicle, and then after work going out to have a Merlot at the Fromage bar. I’m kind of looking for something a little more primitive, a little more basic, something that appeals to the essential nature of a man.”

We’ve picked out some startling images from the popular short film.

Meet Gints Klimanis, a software engineer and martial arts instructor, who started the Gentlemen's Fight Club in 2000.

All the fighting takes place inside this garage located in Menlo Park just outside of Palo Alto.

In over 11 years, the police have not shut down the club because the fighting takes place on a private property between consenting adults, according to the AP.

The club meets every two weeks and each fight lasts only 60 seconds.

If it's your first night at the club, you fight first.

While there are many fighters, each fight takes place between two members and is monitored by a referee.

Precautions such as face guards help protect the fighters.

Besides hand-to-hand combat, the fighters sometimes use household items like chairs or DustBusters.

Most participants work in Silicon Valley in the high-tech industry.

According to Klimanis, they would rather carry scars from combat than deal with back aches, wrist aches and head aches that stem from their desk jobs.

But overall the members of the Gentlemen's Fight Club are just normal guys...

who once in a while enjoy beating each other with keyboards.

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