The Stupidly Dangerous Stuff Silicon Valley's Andrenaline Junkies Do Outside The Office

Yahoo broken cast injury

Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs, engineers, and venture capitalists aren’t just risk-takers at their day jobs.

Many of them are outdoor adrenaline junkies too, striving to recapture the go-go feeling of working at a startup by leaping from aeroplanes or chasing a kite across the San Francisco bay.

And, lucky for these folk, Silicon Valley is right at centre of Northern California’s many outdoor playgrounds.  Sunny days, big mountain ranges, and the Pacific ocean provide plenty for them to do.

There’s hang-gliding in the Milpitas hills, surfing in the Santa Cruz beaches, and camping in the San Mateo mountains. Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page like to kitesurf. Digg’s Kevin Rose likes bouldering. Jeff Bonaforte, the ex-Yahoo VP and current Xobni CEO likes to skydive.

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Photo: Yodel Anecdoctal

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