One of the stars of 'Silicon Valley' says he's never watched the show

Silicon valley season 1Jaimie Trueblood/HBOZach Woods as Jared in HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

As the premiere of “Silicon Valley” got ready to start in San Francisco, Zach Woods got out of his seat and left the room.

It wasn’t just a poorly timed bathroom break. Despite starring the hit HBO show as Jared, Woods says he’s never watched the show.

In a Q&A session after the premiere, Woods explained that he doesn’t watch to avoid being too critical of himself. He’s watched himself in some clips when the actors have to re-voice a line, and he starts questioning everything about his acting.

“My first thought is always like ‘Oh my god, my face is so weird. And I can’t believe that I’m employable on television.’ And then I see things about the acting that I don’t like, and then I start fixing problems that may or may not even be there,” Woods said.

To dodge making those unnecessary tweaks, Woods just doesn’t watch the show.

“As a way of protecting myself from my own interference, I don’t watch it,” Woods said.

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