HBO's 'Silicon Valley' season 5 teaser proves the show will be just as hilarious without TJ Miller

  • HBO just released a teaser for season five of “Silicon Valley.”
  • The show returns on March 25.
  • The teaser gives us an idea what the show will be like without TJ Miller’s Erlich Bachman character, who won’t be coming back to the show.
  • It looks like Miller’s absence will allow some of the hilarious minor characters to have more screen time.

A brand new teaser for season five of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” has arrived, and the show itself will return on March 25.

The teaser gives us a taste of what the show will be like without TJ Miller’s beloved character, Erlich Bachman. Miller announced that season four was his last on the show before the finale aired in 2017.

In the teaser, Erlich’s nemesis Jian Yang announces that Erlich is gone, and that he’s taken over the incubator.

Besides Jian Yang’s incubator takeover, it looks like season five will focus on Pied Piper’s new venture into what CEO Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) is calling “new Internet,” which he worked on throughout season four. In the trailer, Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) calls it “little bunny Internet.”

The show appears to be on good footing despite the loss of Miller’s iconic character. It may even be better than it was before. Without Miller, the show has the opportunity to focus on more characters including Martin Starr’s Gilfoyle, Kumail Nanjiani’s Dinesh, and Zach Woods’ Jared (who is one of the highlights of the show and hasn’t gotten nearly as much screen time as he deserves).

Other highlights of the trailer include a dead pig, dogs in the new Pied Piper office, some classic Gilfoyle snark and Richard vomiting. Would it be a season of “Silicon Valley” if Richard didn’t nervously vomit? Probably not.

Watch the full teaser below:

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