Silicon Valley millionaires — Quantum computing 101 — A $16 billion drug flop

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I want to take this opportunity to highlight our coverage of Lyft’s IPO this week. The team here at BI had our subscribers covered for every key detail from the first week of the IPO roadshow. Here’s what you might have missed:

And in related news, with Lyft on its IPO roadshow, Uber not far behind, and other unicorn startups like Pinterest and Zoom recently filing publicly, there’s about to be a new wave of Silicon Valley millionaires.

Meghan Morris spoke to wealth advisers to put together this list of 6 tips on how this latest generation of soon-to-be tech millionaires should prepare.

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Quote of the week

“We have more than 14 million organic followers for our account, so we know that our customer is there and she’s there in a shopping environment.”

– Linz Shelton, director of global social media at Michael Kors, on Instagram rolling out a checkout button to make it easier for people to shop from the platform.

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Finance and Investing

The $US43 billion combination of FIS and Worldpay could trigger a wave of M&A. Here are the deals that could be next.

Like middle-schoolers at their first dance, financial-technology companies and payment processors are quickly pairing off in hopes of not being left alone in a space that’s rapidly evolving.

$US930 billion Nuveen’s head of private markets is stepping down amid ‘challenges’ to the asset management business

Both Nuveen’s private and public markets teams are seeing cutsamid a challenging environment for the asset management industry.

These are the 15 European fintechs VCs think will blow up in 2019

Business Insider spoke with some of the most prominent voices in venture capital to pick out the most exciting companies in European financial technology industry this year.

Tech, Media, Telecoms

Buzzy AI software startup UiPath in talks to raise a mega funding round at a possible $US7 billion valuation

UiPath, a buzzy robotics software company, is in talks with investors about a big new round of funding that could double its valuation, to as much as $US7 billion, multiple sources told Business Insider.

Quantum computing could change everything, and IBM is racing with Microsoft, Intel, and Google to conquer it. Here’s what you need to know

In January, IBM made waves when it announced its IBM Q System One, the world’s first gate model quantum computer available to businesses – a system housed in a sleek, 9-cubic-foot glass case.

Ad-tech companies are moving full speed ahead to chase OTT ad dollars. Here are the 13 companies poised to win the most.

More people are cutting the cord and advertisers clamoring to use data to target and measure video campaigns, but the $US70 billion TV advertising industry has operated the same way it has for decades.

Healthcare, Retail, Transportation

Big Pharma has tried and failed to cure Alzheimer’s more than 200 times. The latest $US16 billion flop leaves scientists hunting for a new path forward.

A promising but experimental Alzheimer’s disease drug had a disastrous reversal of fortunes on Thursday, when two huge biotechs said they were largely giving up on it.

The FDA is putting together a group of experts to figure out how to handle the $US1 billion CBD industry

The Food and Drug Administration wants to clear up the uncertainty surrounding one of the hottest consumer trends of 2019: CBD.

Pilots who fly for Amazon are underpaid and overworked, and it may doom the e-commerce behemoth’s aspirations to edge out FedEx and UPS

Jeff Bezos is a master at cutting costs.

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