Silicon Valley Really, Really Loves Guitar Hero (And Rock Band)

We knew that Silicon Valley loves Guitar Hero (ATVI). But sometimes you can’t really understand just how big something is until you see it with your own eyes. We got our own education this weekend, en route to SAI’s world headquarters in Silicon Alley.

In the San Jose airport, we spotted four guys about our age (early 20s) sporting guitar-shaped controllers strapped to their backs. Two of them were on our flight. Was there some for of Guitar Hero tourney going on? Nope — we asked. (To be fair, one of the travellers said his guitar was for Rock Band (VIA, ERTS))

What we didn’t see in our cross-country jaunt: A single Kindle (AMZN), the kind of geek gadget we’d expect at least one early adopter to be carrying for a long flight.

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