Silicon Valley Is Going Crazy Over This App That Just Raised $30 Million

viddy hottie

Viddy, a video-sharing startup that’s in the running for the “Instagram of video” title, just raised a whopping $30 million, reports TechCrunch.

For the past few weeks, Viddy has been vying with Socialcam, another video-sharing startup, to be the next billion-dollar company now that Facebook has acquired Instagram for $1 billion.

Viddy’s now valued at more than $350 million, according to earlier reports, and Silicon Valley has been going crazy for the app over the past few weeks.

We took it for a whirl to see what all the fuss is about.

Bam! Here we go.

You can log in with Facebook, Twitter or with an email address.

We'll go with an email address for this one, since it posts videos to your Facebook Timeline.

Right away, you can follow popular Viddy users...

Here's the main landing page. You can jump to videos of people you're following... start shooting a video. Or you can pick a video from your library that you've already shot.

You can turn on the flash or flip to the front-facing camera.

When you're done, you can review the video...

...and place a bunch of filters and music clips on the video.

It comes with a bunch of filters to start, but you can purchase more filters on the marketplace.

You can choose to post the video to Twitter, YouTube or your Facebook Timeline.

Or you can just keep the video to yourself.

Bam! We have a video on Viddy now. Just press the video to view it.

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