Silicon Valley hosted a fashion show this week, and it was completely insane

Betabrand’s Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (question mark intentional) started with a parade of hoodies and jeans down the runway.

By day two, there were models walking down the runway with astronaut helmets on their heads. A man in a kilt wearing a jacket with 300 LED bulbs. Two women wearing hoods that were trying to match their heart rate in a synchronised game.

As one attendee put it to us, “These are costumes I’d wear to Burning Man or a sex party.”

The whole night had a bit of a Star Wars vibe, starting with the opening dance act.

A 'model' from the year 2050 opened the show.

The Heart Sync duet from Sensoree try to synchronise their heart rates. Their heartbeats set of flashing lights and when they match, a red swirl goes around the hoods.

A model from Sensoree performs contortions on the runway.

Why not wear a head piece with lights paired with a christmas light necklace? Glasses by Tenaya Hurst

Designer Tenaya Hurst, center, with her LED wearing models.

ThreeForm's works were made to exact measurements of the models using body scans.

This model had to get a body scan so the armoured-plates would fit him.

This is Serge. We're not sure what he's wearing, but it's awesome.

This is another one of Serge's creations.

The Payamir onesie spacesuit is made for zero gravity.

A neon cyborg by Mikaela Holmes.

A helmet with 3D printed faces on every side.

Zack Vorhies, founder of LED clothing brand Zackees, with his light up jacket.

A model on the catwalk at Silicon Valley Fashion Week.

Brady Forrest, VP of PCH, shows off the ribbon-cutting scissors.

A model showing off a clutch that unfolds into a purse with pockets for devices.

Joshua Hubert shows off his pixeldelic fashion, which includes around 300 LED bulbs that he can control on his jacket.

This isn't your average hoodie in Silicon Valley.

All of the bracelets on the runway were wearables.

GenZe e-bikes and Silicon Valley Fashion Week host Mustafa Kahn show off fashion/tech commuting.

The runway also starred lots of alternate transit, like motorised skateboards.

A drone flying a Betabrand top.

A drone flying a Betabrand top.

A drone models Betabrand's Mary-Go-Rounds pants.

A drone flying Betabrand shorts.

Master of Ceremonies Mustafa Kahn closed the show with a VR headset so he could 'imagine the crowd in its underwear'.

'One small leap for man, one giant leap for sexy.'

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