IT'S HERE: 9 Huge Signs The Economy Is Slowing That Should Have Investors Freaking Out


Photo: Andrew Coulter Enright on flickr

Dear investors.You’ve had an amazing run since March 2009.

Maybe it’s time to get a little nervous. In addition to all kinds of dicey headlines (Japan, the Mideast, etc.) the economic data is starting to add up, and look like a slowdown.

You can see it in business confidence, headline GDP, and certain aspects of employment. Some previously hot industries are clearly starting to fade.

Case Shiller Is Showing The Housing Double Dip Getting Worse

Small Business Confidence Is Suddenly Turning Lower

Q1 GDP estimates have been getting slashed

Durable goods have been weak

Las Vegas gaming revenue has suddenly turned south again.

Oil prices have pushed the economy to the breaking point

Markets are stalling out

The age of cheap money is going away

With inflation on the rise, basically everything things QE2 is toast.

Austerity warnings from the UK

In London, where fiscal tightening is further along than here, it's having a clear effect on consumer spending. That's coming to the US, too.

On the other hand...

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