15 Signs It's Time To Break Up With The Finance Guy You're Dating

Breaking up is never easy.

But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. This is especially true if your significant other works on Wall Street, and starts to show some very telling warning signs.

We get it. Finance is a demanding job. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might be busy, stressed, stretched to the breaking point, and not be fulfilling all their duties as your significant other. But there’s a point at which their behaviour becomes unacceptable.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of some common indicators that you’re headed for trouble. If your significant other starts exhibiting any of these signs, you’d better run for the hills.

They start chewing tobacco.

The trading floor is a place where nasty habits go to breed and thrive. Since traders can't smoke there, sometimes they chew tobacco to get the buzz without having to go outside.

This is not ok.

They only have condiments in the refrigerator.

Ketchup is not a vegetable. This is not up for debate.

They only use Wall Street jargon.

Bankers have their own language and it's all based on money, deals and trading.

For example: 'Upside of going to the Hamptons this weekend is that James is throwing a party at Pink Elephant, downside is that he's inviting my ex.'
If your significant other talks like this about... basically anything, let them go.

More telling phrases here.

They use a work phone more than a personal phone.

It's telling sign that your significant other is spending too much time working -- or calling people they don't need you to know about.

They only hang out with other bankers...

They already spend about 20 hours a day with other bankers -- why not a change of social scenery for an hour or two?

Feeling no need whatsoever to get out of the banking world once in a while is definitely a bad sign.

... But you've never met any them.

If he/she won't introduce you to the friends, he/she clearly doesn't want you to be involved in other parts of his/her life.

They only text you after 11 PM.

Yes, bankers are busy, but one of the secrets of Wall Street is that there's a lot of waiting around in the office going on. Waiting for senior people to cross and i or dot a t. Waiting for final approval on this or that project.

What we're saying is that there's time for a one minute text message.

They told you that your non-finance career 'isn't a real job.'

You made the effort to learn what EBITDA stands for, but your banker significant other laughed when you said that you had a hard day at your job.

There's something wrong here.

You schedule all your dates with their personal assistant.

Sorry -- don't remember signing up for a threesome.

They have a serious inferiority complex over how well other finance people are doing -- and that's all they talk about.

Everyone knows that people in finance are competitive -- but when competitiveness spills into never-ending complaining, it's pretty unattractive.

This jealousy can come in different forms -- from wanting to go to certain conferences and events, to wanting to work at different firms.

Actual quote: 'If only I was at Goldman... my life would be so much better. I wish I was at Goldman.'

More specifically, they get insanely jealous of Bill Ackman and Dan Loeb.

Not to wax poetic, but green isn't the most flattering hue for Wall Street bankers. Especially when they compare themselves to finance all-stars.

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