Enthusiastic Sign Language Interpreter Upstages Wu-Tang Clan At Bonnaroo

The Wu-Tang Clan are known for their “W” hand sign called “Throwing up the Wu” but American Sign Language interpreter Holly stole the show during their recent Bonnaroo performance.

Assigned to interpret for the Wu-Tang Clan, R.Kelly, and indie-pop duo Matt & Kim, among others, Holly “didn’t just sign every word, but put back into it,” writes to Stereogum in their post on “The 9 Best Things At Bonnaroo 2013.”

For the record, “Holly The ASL Translator” came in at number 4, right behind the Wu-Tang Clan’s actual performance and ahead of Bjork’s crazy needle headdress.

See why everyone is talking about Holly below:

She was equally as enthusiastic when it came to R.Kelly’s “Ignition”:

Who’s more passionate, Holly or Mayor Bloomberg’s now (internet) famous interpreter, Lydia Callis?

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