Sienna Miller Decides Her Privacy Is Worth $162,000

Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller wins.The actress settled her suit against News of the World after News Corp. agreed to pay the actress 100,000 pounds ($162,000).

She sued after learning the company hacked into her voice mail — along with the accounts of 20 other celebrities — in order to glean information that could be used to publish articles.

The bigger story, however, is that part of the deal requires Rupert Murdoch‘s company to “disclose the relevant contents from about 8,000 e-mails and possibly some journalists’ notebooks.”

According to Miller’s lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson, News Corp.’s admission as a result of the her suit “goes farther than any other confessions the company has made in the hacking case.”

So far, the News of the World scandal has resulted in the arrest of three journalists.