Sidney Crosby Won't Come Close To Wayne Gretzky's Career Point Record

Wayne Gretzky vs. the Oilers

As good as Alex Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos have been in recent years, the true king of the NHL today is undoubtedly Sidney Crosby.

With a Stanley Cup Championship already under his belt at age 23, the sky is the limit for what Crosby can accomplish in his career.

But is breaking Wayne Gretzky’s all-time points record within reach?

Not really.  By the time Gretzky was 24, he had tallied 914 career points. Assuming Crosby — who turns 24 in August — keeps up his current pace this season, he’ll finish with 635 by the end of the year.  And Gretzky’s separation only grows wider from there.

crosby chart nhl


Gretzky, who retired at age 38, finished his NHL career with 2,857 points. To reach that mark Crosby would have to play until he’s almost 46 while maintaining his current pace, Stamkos would have to play until he’s almost 48, and Ovechkin would have to play until he’s almost 50 without slipping.

Obviously the chances of any of these three maintaining their level of play deep into their 40s while avoiding injury are slim to none, which makes The Great One’s point record one of the safest in professional sports.

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