This startup wants to ensure gig workers don't lose out on employee benefits


The way we work is changing with the rise of the technology-fuelled gig economy and flexible side hustles.

Despite this change, Australians who are employed on a casual basis often miss out on traditional work benefits.

Sidekicker, an on-demand employment marketplace, has launched its Unleash program to fill this gap in the market, and provide its casual staff work perks such as a company car, training, and mental health benefits.

Sidekicker CEO Tom Amos said the aim of the program was to provide employees the power to reach their potential and that the program is a natural extension of the company’s mission.

The benefits package was designed around the results of a survey of more than 11,100 temporary workers, and what motivates them to choose on-demand work as employment.

“The results of this survey have given us invaluable insights into the key drivers and motivations of the Sidekick workforce,” Amos said.

“Armed with this insight the goal of the Unleash program is to provide our Sidekicks with easy access to holistic services and tools across education, finance, health, and wellness – all areas that are of importance to them.

“We created the program to provide our Sidekick community with greater opportunity to learn, upskill and progress both personally and professionally.”

Sidekicker’s survey found that 77% of those employed via Sidekicker-rated job flexibility higher than job security, full time hours and career development.

When asked why they opt for flexible engagement instead of full time work, 82% gave at least one response indicating a desire for a holistic approach to work/ life balance.

Sidekicker has partnered with GoGet, Wealth Enhancers, and The Mind Room to support its employees.

Also as part of the program, Sidekicker has formed various training programs, partnerships and associations with a number of institutions including prestigious hospitality schools, TAFEs and Universities.

Sidekicker was founded in 2012 and has quickly become one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, acquiring significant investment from global leading employment marketplace SEEK.

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