This Outrageous Men's Knitwear Collection Stole The Show At London Fashion Week

Sibling London Fashion Week 2013

Photo: Photography by Christopher Dadey

The latest designs from Joe Bates, Sid Bryan, and Cozette McCreery’s knitwear brand SIBLING have caused quite the stir during London Fashion Week 2013.The collaboration, entitled PLEASE KILL ME, featured bright, oversized sweaters, hats, and woolen mittens. A fire engine-red “shoulder snood” even made an appearance on the catwalk.

The inspiration for the designs was (of all things) New York’s Punk movement. In their press release for the collection, the designers explain that PLEASE KILL ME, “is an exercise in both fluff and tough for men. While it might not be knitting for sissies, don’t be scared, SIBLING always aims to achieve their collections with a sense of humour and technical skill.”

SIBLING has been creating men’s knitwear since May of 2008, and the humour and playfulness of their latest collection is nothing new for a brand that has previously sent cashmere twinsets in sequin leopard print down the runway. 

Nothing in the collection seems more on-the-nose than this sweater.

The blue mohair shorts really make this outfit.

Sometimes you just need to let your neck and upper chest breathe a little.

And sometimes, you really need to cover up.

And match your scarf to your shorts.

I didn't know they made a knit version of Sock 'em Boppers.

A combination of warm and drafty.

It's off-putting when this is one of the more demure looks from the show.

What, no mittens?

There's a lot going on here.

The cheetah print addition to the fair isle sweater is pretty cool.


Yes, this is a red leopard print onesie.

This sweatshirt was based on Paula Yates' swallow tattoo.

And finally, the shoulder snood.

A job well done, designers!

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