Secretive pop star Sia reportedly went register to register paying for strangers’ items at Walmart and TJ Maxx on the day before Thanksgiving

Sia is said to have paid for some Walmart and TJ Maxx shoppers’ bills on Wednesday. Danny Moloshok/Reuters

The pop star Sia reportedly surprised a handful of lucky Walmart and TJ Maxx shoppers in Palm Springs, California, on Wednesday.

KESQ reported that a woman who asked to be called “Cici” jumped from register to register, paying shoppers’ bills at Walmart and TJ Maxx. The ABC affiliate, which covers the Inland Empire area of Southern California, said the woman claimed to have just won the lottery.

Walmart did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment on Thursday.

Footage from KESQ shows “Cici” paying shoppers’ bills, complimenting babies, and accepting bouquets during her pre-Thanksgiving trip to Walmart. According to KESQ, shoppers also witnessed Sia paying for shoppers down the road at TJ Maxx.

Sia tends to perform with some anonymity, often wearing an oversize bow and black-and-white wig. The artist revealed this year that she lived with chronic pain and had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.