Sia has a powerful new music video honouring Orlando shooting victims

SiaSiaVEVOSia’s ‘The Greatest.’

Sia and Kendrick Lamar have teamed up for a new single called “The Greatest,” and the beautiful music video for it has a message about the Orlando shooting earlier this year.

The song’s music video features young dancer Maddie Ziegler — who has previously appeared in a number of Sia’s videos, including “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” — and its imagery has prompted critics to label it as a tribute to the mass shooting that occurred at an Orlando gay nightclub in June. 

In the dystopian video, Ziegler leads a crew of 48 children in wild choreography before a closing scene pictures the entire crowd lying on the floor, motionless.

As People notes, the fact that 49 children were involved in the video seems to reflect the deadly results of the Orlando shooting, which claimed 49 lives this summer. 

Kendrick Lamar’s verse, which appears in the official single, is not featured in the video.

Watch the video and listen to the single below:

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