After Leaving Iran Five Years Ago, This Designer Developed A Genius Way To Prevent Bike Thefts

Shyspy ShyspyThe GPS tracker discreetly fits inside your bike frame

Five years ago, Mohsen Saleh, an Iranian in exile, moved to Milan, Italy to change the course of his life and pursue a masters in design engineering.

Two years ago, Saleh launched Cyclingboom with the hopes of promoting cycling. Now, he has teamed up with WRD Systems to solve the problem of bike theft.

That’s because bike theft is a common fear that plagues riders, especially in big cities.

Enter Shyspy, a new GPS tracker that integrates into your bike frame. Shyspy makes it possible to track your cycling activity and monitor your bike’s location if it gets stolen. (Or if you simply forgot where you parked it.) What sets Shyspy apart from other GPS trackers for bikes is that it’s completely invisible to would-be thieves.

“I have seen how the fear of theft causes many people to stop riding their bikes as a mean of transport,” Saleh told Business Insider via email. “I even know people who uglify their bike in order to reduce the risk of bike crime. That’s basically the inspiration and the reason why I started this project.”

Shyspy has an integrated motion detector that alerts you of any movement. So if someone is trying to tamper with your bike, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. Through the Shyspy app, you can constantly keep tabs on your bike.

Shyspy is currently trying to raise almost $55,000 on Kickstarter for both its GPS tracker and lower cost, but less accurate GSM tracker.

Take a look below.

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