A popular startup that's trying to kill the post office will now send a delivery person to your house so you can return online purchases

Shyp, the startup that brings couriers to your door so you never have to visit a UPS or a post office ever again, is rolling out a new “returns” feature for its app.

Shyp launched just under a year ago, and a spokesperson for the company says that even though people use it mostly to ship gifts to friends or for online sales — think Etsy or eBay sellers — a growing percentage of its users were using Shyp for an unintended purpose, one that Shyp wasn’t designed to serve: returning items bought online.

So Shyp, which says it’s seeing 20% month-over-month growth, embraced the unexpected use case and decided to build a custom product inside of the existing Shyp app dedicated to returns.

The process isn’t unlike Shyp’s shipping procedure. It takes just a few taps on your phone.

First, you tap “Add Shipment.”

Then, you select “Return Online Purchase.” This is the new feature.

Enter your order number and select your reason for returning the item. Shyp charges a $US5 flat-rate pickup fee, regardless of how many items you’re shipping or returning.

Then, select whether you’d like to pay with your order number or a prepaid label.

Take a picture of whatever it is you’re returning.

Whenever you’re ready, tap the “Pickup Now” button, and a Shyp courier will show up in roughly 20 minutes to whisk away your returns. You’ll get a confirmation from the retailer when they receive your package.

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