Showtime Reportedly Blocks Georges St-Pierre Vs. Nick Diaz Super Fight

One week ago it appeared that all worlds were heading towards a Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre Strikeforce vs. UFC Super Fight. Seven days later it is a dead deal and you can thank Showtime for robbing MMA fans of one of the most anticipated fights of 2011.

MMA reporter Dave Meltzer reported on his podcast over the weekend that Strikeforce’s agreement with Showtime is to blame for the failed Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz falling through. According to Melzter, Showtime was not a big fan of watching one of its biggest MMA draws potentially dismantled by the UFC champion.

For such a big story, I am really surprised it hasn’t gotten any play at all on the major MMA websites at press time. This is bigger than the failed GSP vs. Diaz fight in that it is practically an assurance that it will be a long time before Dana White has the option to make any big Strikeforce vs. UFC fights.

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