Showpo is killing it

Photo: Showpo/ Instagram.

Sydney-based online fashion retailer Showpo is killing it. And not just in Australia.

The business has just hit a $25 million run rate with 35% of sales occurring internationally.

Founder Jane Lu, who quit her corporate career – and spent six months hiding it from her family, says through more aggressive marketing and continued international expansion, the business’ growth is expected to accelerate further.

Photo: Jane Lu/ Supplied.

“We’re excited by our continued growth which shows no signs of slowing down,” says Lu.

As a core part of their growth strategy, Showpo has been building a social media community of over 2.2 million followers and plans on expanding its team to 20 permanent staff members.

“Currently, our biggest investment is growing our team. We plan on doubling our size by this time next year,” Lu told Business Insider.

But in true Showpo style, the hiring process is a little unconventional.

Lu and her team recently created this quirky hiring video and posted it to YouTube to attract new talent and “create top funnel recruitment leads”.

And Lu doesn’t plan to stop there.

“We’ve got so much planned for the future. Our vision is to be her go to place to shop. We want to do this by building Showpo into a $100 million business by 2020 with no external funding,” she says.

“By having great products, great marketing, and a great team, I really think we can just do it.”

In the meantime, if you’re looking for the hottest fashion trends moving into summer, Lu has all the tips you need to know.

“Retro shapes, Spanish floral prints, swimwear — skimpier than ever (it’s about the Brazilian thigh cut this year) — crochet and stripes,” she says.

Since launching in 2010, Showpo attracted 722,017 people to like the business on Facebook and it has built its online store to result in dispatching over 20,000 orders per month.