7 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone Over An iPhone

If you’re trying to decide between and Android phone and an iPhone, there are a few things to consider.

Take a look at some of the extra goodies you get when you pick Android over iPhone.

Android phones sync better with Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. You also get the best features from those services before iPhone users.

Many Android phones let you replace the battery. That's good because batteries degrade over time.

A lot of Android phones let you add an SD card for extra storage.

Android phones let you install launchers, which are apps that let you customise the way your home screen works.

They charge up with a standard USB cable, which are much more common than Apple's Lightning plug.

You have a lot more hardware options when you choose Android. Everything from 6-inch screens to curved displays.

You can also get a high-end Android phone for half the price of an iPhone, like this $350 OnePlus One.

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