Should WrestleMania Be On NBC?

From time to time I have a great idea (comes few and far between), but most of the time I have wild ideas that simply don’t pan out. Could this idea be one of them? Who am I to judge, or question, my own ideas? That’s why I’m putting them down into written word, for y’all can read, and answer for yourselves, as I have, should WrestleMania be on NBC?

Before I get into why I think WWE WrestleMania should be on NBC (reasons should be clear, but I’ll take time out to answer that), let me give out reasons why I’m asking the question. I was pondering a little during little of the Super Bowl that I watched this year, why isn’t WrestleMania on a basic station, like the Super Bowl, for all to see, and Vincent Kennedy McMahon charging an arm, a leg, and a snow plow charge, for commercials during his Super Bowl?

 So I emailed Eric Gargiulo and we both kicked around pretty much the same idea, probably for the first couple of years, McMahon would be losing a lot of money until people start to catch on that this could be a good idea. So what would cause McMahon to move WrestleMania off of pay-per-view to basic television, with advertisers “laying the Smackdown” on each other’s “candy a**es” for commercial time? To sum it up, dropping buyrates, enough, to cause McMahon to consider new ways to make his creations could draw in cash into his wallet.

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