Should NFL Players Walk Out Right Now?

Antonio Pierce ESPN

Photo: Twitter

Former New York Giant Antonio Pierce floated an interesting idea on his Twitter feed this morning: If the NFL Players Association wants to take control of the CBA negotiations, they should stage a walkout right now, days before the playoffs begin.His argument is based on a harsh truth: The NFL owners have ALL the leverage right now and that leverage will only grow stronger this summer and fall, when health insurance runs out and players start losing paychecks.

But robbing the league and the TV networks of their biggest cash cow could swing momentum back to them. The ensuing panic and pressure from lost revenue and angry fans (imagine the riots a canceled Super Bowl would cause) might force the NFL’s hand and lead to them to strike an immediate deal.

There is one tiny downside: fans would never forgive the players for taking away their favourite month of the year. cancelling playoffs games would destroy any support they had from the public. They might actually start rooting for the owners to crush them in the next CBA. The owners know that and can afford to sacrifice the big game to make the players into villains.

But Pierce’s real point is this: The superstar players who drive the game aren’t not even discussing this or any other options. The union seems content to sit on its hands and wait for a lockout, but someone needs to make a statement before the players get steamrolled .

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