Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7?

IPhone 7

The iPhone 7 goes on sale this week, and the first wave of reviews were just published. (Read mine here!)

But let’s cut to the chase. Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7 or wait another year?

Here’s my recommendation:

If you have an iPhone 6s, definitely wait another year. If you have an iPhone 6, only upgrade if you’re dying for a new camera and some seriously impressive speed improvements. And if you have an Android phone or an even older iPhone, then it’s definitely time to upgrade to the iPhone 7.

There are a lot of reasons for my recommendations, but the bottom line is this: If you need a new phone, you should always get the best one available when you’re ready to buy. Technology moves fast, and you want your device to be as future-proof as possible. You can save $100 by buying the iPhone 6s, but you’re also losing a year’s worth of improvements.

The iPhone 7 is the best phone by a slim margin, but there aren’t enough improvements to justify upgrading from last year’s iPhone 6s and maybe even 2014’s iPhone 6.

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