If you head out to see Marvel's next superhero movie 'Doctor Strange', don't leave when the movie's over

Marvel’s newest superhero movie, “Doctor Strange,” hits US theatres November 4 (It’s already out in the UK). If you head out to see it, do yourself a favour and stay after the credits — all of the credits — for not one, but two teaser sequences for future Marvel movies.

I know, I know. Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you know that you need to stay after the credits of a Marvel movie by now.

However, it hurts when I’m at 7 p.m. showings with friends and family prior to opening night and am still seeing people get up and go to leave. It hurts even more if I see people stay and leave after the first end-credit scene.

For the first time I can ever remember at a Marvel screening I attended, I had the courtesy of someone telling folks before they headed into the theatre to stay until the film’s very end.

So this is a quick courtesy reminder I’m paying forward. No spoilers now because there’s no fun in that — but they are goodies!

We’ll be back next Thursday with a breakdown of both scenes. Until then, get excited. (I think you’ll like this one.)

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