Should British PM Worry About The Surprise Arrest Of News Of The World Journalist?

news of the world

The News of the World phone-hacking scandal netted a surprise capture.

Scotland Yard arrested James Weatherup, who served as the paper’s news editor for 18 months starting in 2004 and has been in a senior reporting role since 2006.

He is the third person arrested for suspicion of a crime relating to the incidents.

Weatherup worked closely with Ian Edmondson and Neville Thurlbeck — the former assistant news editor and chief reporter, respectively — “who were arrested last week on suspicion of conspiring to intercept mobile phone messages.”

While Edmondson and Thurlbeck found themselves implicated early on, Scotland Yard’s pursuit of Weatherup comes as a surprise.

The move indicates that the police are not done investigating the case, and it could become a larger issue.

The real question is who knew what when, and how high up the British chain of command does the scandal go? Earlier this week, a story written by Hugh Grant implied the highest members of government were aware of the phone hacking.

“[Prime Minister David] Cameron must have known — that’s the bigger scandal,” a paparazzi said in a conversation the actor secretly tapped.

If that is true, Weatherup’s legal issues are just the beginning of Scotland Yard’s problems.