A Georgia high-school teacher is in custody after barricading himself in a classroom and firing one gunshot, police say

  • Georgia police responded to shots fired at a high school in Dalton on Wednesday.
  • Authorities said they took into custody a teacher who barricaded himself inside a classroom.
  • The school was evacuated and no children are in danger, police said.

A high-school social studies teacher in Dalton, Georgia, barricaded himself in a classroom with a handgun on Wednesday and fired one shot through a window, police said.

The Dalton Police Department said the teacher was in custody and no children were in danger, though one student was being treated for an ankle injury sustained while running inside the school during evacuation.

Police spokesman Bruce Frazier identified the teacher as 53-year-old Jesse Randall Davidson, who has taught at Dalton High School since 2004. Davidson was also the play-by-play announcer for the school football team.

Frazier said at a news conference that the incident occurred around 11:30 that morning, when some students were attempting to get into the teacher’s classroom.

He said the teacher “was not letting anybody inside” and “forced the door closed,” and eventually the school’s principal tried to use a key to enter the room.

“When he did that he heard a gunshot in the classroom,” Frazier said, adding that the shot didn’t appear to be “aimed at anybody” but went through a window.

The principal quickly locked down the school and police evacuated students and teachers and secured the area when they arrived.

After 30 to 45 minutes, police got the Davidson to surrender and was “taken into custody without incident,” Frazier said.

“Basically, it certainly seemed like he didn’t have any intention to harm anybody else,” Frazier said. “He made some great efforts to make sure that nobody else got into that classroom and that it was him alone in there.”

He added that Davidson hasn’t been charged yet, but “obviously a crime has been committed.”

Schools across the US on edge

Parkland policeJoe Raedle/Getty ImagesPolice escorting students out of Stoneman Douglas High School

There were no students inside the teacher’s classroom during the incident, Frazier said, adding that he had no information about what caused the situation or why the teacher allegedly fired the shot.

Frazier said police recovered a handgun from the scene, but didn’t yet have details on the weapon.

Dalton High School is still locked down and students were taken to the Northeast Georgia Trade Center, where parents were directed to meet them.

The incident comes two weeks after a mass shooting killed 17 students and staff members at a Florida high school, leaving schools across the country on edge about gun violence threats.

Frazier said Dalton High School had an incident last week involving a note left by a student indicating a threat against the school, but Wednesday’s gunshot incident was unconnected to the note.

Frazier said students and staff can expect a heightened police presence at the school in the following days.

One proposed solution for school shootings backed by some conservatives, including President Donald Trump, has been to arm certain teachers with concealed weapons. The idea received strong blowback from teachers, students, and lawmakers of both parties, in part due to safety concerns.

Dalton is roughly 90 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia.

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